I started doing Yoga 30 years ago and it has been the most important and rewarding journey for the health of my Mind, Body and Soul.

I studied Hatha with the British School of Yoga in 1998 and have been passionate about teaching ever since.

I’ve had a consistent relationship with my own Yoga journey, which is constantly evolving.  It is a way of life for me!

I have been living in South Africa for the last 20 Years.  Teaching privately, online via Zoom and in the Planet Fitness and New Active gyms.

I love to build new classes where students become regulars.  It creates a friendly atmosphere and energy.  I have had many students who have stayed with my classes for years.  This has given me a great sense of satisfaction.

I am extremely passionate in my work and strive to help people achieve their goals.

My preferred styles of Yoga are Hatha and Vinyasa, together with a mix between the two.  Focusing on breath, strength, mobility and movement is key for me. Creating a slow-paced flow, combining static and passive Asanas means I can provide benefit to male and female students of all ages.


Hatha Yoga – the British School of Yoga 1998

Qualified Personal Trainer
Qualified Sports Massage Therapist
Qualified Dry Cupping, Myofascia Decommpressiontherapist
Qualified Swedish Massage.
Sports Nutrition Diploma

Favourite Yoga Pose and Why:

Triangle Pose. I Love It for the Hip Opener and It Gives Good Stretch to the Abductors and Muscles Surrounding, It Takes Concentration.

What Music Will I Hear in Your Class?

Expect Slow Paced Music.

Favourite Yoga Myth?

You Have to Be Flexible to Do Yoga.

What Do You like to Do When You Are Not on the Yoga Mat?

When I’m Not Teaching Im Training. I Love Being Active and Outside Walking.

If You Were Going to Be Stranded on a Remote Island, What Three Things Would You Take?

1. Books
2. Walking Shoes
3. A Yoga Wheel

What Is a ‘fun Fact’ about You?

I Love to Dance.

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