I started practicing Yoga in my teens – I think I was mostly attracted to the challenge and excitement of difficult poses at that time.  As my practice grew, I developed an appreciation for a simpler and softer approach to the physical aspects of Yoga.  I also enjoyed the feeling of connection to self that it brought into my busy life.  In 2017 I embarked on my first Yoga teacher training course, with an intention to ‘only’ teach myself, but I discovered a passion for guiding others along the way. I prefer to say ‘guide’ rather than ‘teach’, as Yoga is a very personal journey and my job is mostly to step aside and let you enjoy the experience.

My main training is in the Yoga Synergy method, which has been developed by physiotherapists.  It is energising but gentle on the spine.  I am also certified in Face Yoga, having earned the qualification after many years of self-practice.  Face Yoga seems very popular now (at least on Instagram!) but back when I started it was quite an unusual ‘hobby’.  Personally, it became a necessity for me as I had to develop my facial muscles after they were damaged in an accident.  Of course, Face Yoga tightens and brightens faces, but it is also wonderfully relaxing.  There is a magic in paying loving attention to your own face and I hope you will discover this for yourself.  The ‘Flow and Glow’ classes combine Synergy Flow and Face Yoga sessions to give you and all-round nourishing experience.


300-hrs YTT Certificate from Yoga Synergy

Face Yoga Teacher Certificate from Danielle Collins.

I am also studying for a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Qualification which I will (hopefully) earn in 2023!

What Is Your Favourite Yoga Pose and Why?

Fish Pose – I love how ‘undefended’ the heart is in this one

What Is Your Favourite Yoga Myth?

‘Doing more advanced poses means you are better at Yoga’!  Of course, it can be fun, yet if fancy shapes is all we strive for, we risk missing the joy and wellbeing that Yoga can bring to our lives, whether on or off the mat.

What Music Will I Hear in Your Class?

An eclectic mix of New Age tunes

What Do You like to Do When You Are Not on the Mat or Teaching?

Long walks in the summer and long baths in the winter – Listening to Audiobooks in both cases.

If You Were Going to Be Stranded on a Remote Island, What 3 Things Would You Want to Take with You?

1. A Notepad for Journalling.
2. A Coffee Maker.
3. My two Cats (I Guess That’s 4 Things?!).

What Is a ‘fun Fact’ about You?

I smile a lot…probably 90% of my waking time!

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